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PHP MVC OOP Template

This is a template which everyone can use for developing web applications with PHP based on the MVC model.

I decided to develop it because I needed to write a web application with PHP and MySQL. Of course there are some frameworks which can help but I wanted everything to be independent and with pure PHP

The template has two main folders - app and public. In the app folder you can find configuration files, controller class, view class, data layer for MySQL, and Application class which is the main instance which prepares the URLs. In the public folder there are all styles and scripts, as well as the main index page.

The project uses object-oriented principals. It has main classes - Application, Controller and View which implement the MVC model. Controller class can be inherited from every another Controller where you can write your code for processing data on pages, loading pages, etc. View class implements the layer where is the HTML code of the page which the client sees.

Everyone can use it if the project fits his needs. For further information about the Template you can see and download the source code from my GitHub here.


Technologies used

Technologies used



Project Functions

All the logic is based on JavaScript.

Custom Styling

Styled with CSS for presentation purposes.

Working Time

Finished within 1 days of development.